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The Quests Where Isekai and LitRPG Meets Dark Fantasy

Step into the worlds of Norwegian author Henrik Saetre, where the familiar is flipped into the fantastical, and every chapter brings you dark adventure.

"Qing's Quest", Henrik's debut novel is not your ordinary Isekai tale; it's a tale woven from the threads of danger, bravery, and the relentless pursuit of home.

Crave a saga with real stakes and a hero whose quest spans worlds to save a loved one? Grab hold of Qing's Quest and gear up for battle. Each lesson is paid for in blood, but every victory is a step closer to home.

Join Qing on his path from craven to brave, from ordinary to champion. A tale of transformation that echoes the soul of gaming, resonates with the epic scale of classic cinema, and captures the essence of dark fantasy.

Qing's Quest Pre-order

This isekai isn’t cat girls and superpowers. It is dark fantasy. 

Qing Baker had one important thing to do - visit his baby sister at Chicago’s Cancer Center. Instead, he woke up in Elrydisan, a world where magic blurs the lines between heaven and hell, and being isekaied is a curse, not a fantasy.

Elrydisan is not a fairytale land. Qing finds himself facing hordes of flesh-eating zombies, creations of the faceless Stygian Bonecaller, who threatens not just Elrydisan, but Earth too.

Guided by a quest system visible only to him, he finds the remote village of Shadowgrove, a place with allies. But, Qing isn’t ready to be a hero. He’s just a scared guy trying to survive, desperate to get back home to his family and dying sister. 

During Qing’s quest he learns a harsh truth. The toughest battles aren’t against hordes of undead, demons, or elites, but against oneself. 

And then there’s the glitch in reality, granting him the unprecedented power to learn spells from six different classes. Given time and levels, God help the bastards who stands between him and getting back home. 

Now, if only he could bring some of that magic with him…

The book will be available on Amazon 15 March 2024.

Henrik Saetre

Step into the riveting darkness of Henrik Saetre's imagination, where danger shapes destiny. Married to his university sweetheart, he crafts tales of dark fantasy that beckon readers into a world where the line between success and failure is as thin as a blade's edge. 

With clear-cut prose, Henrik capture the essence of fantasy, entwining magic, conflict, and the resilience of the human spirit to bring you unforgettable LitRPG stories.

Come lose yourself in a dark Norwegian imagination, and find stories that stick with you, page by page. 

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